Author: Olivia Oakley

Art Investments

In an uncertain market where Brexit means that property may not be a sure bet investment, a personal art collection could be a safe haven for your money. Whether or not you know a great deal about art, there’s no denying that a significant benefit of investing in paintings, prints, and sculpture is that it… Read more »

Luxury Travel With Fuse

Escape the stresses of your busy life with an experience you’ll remember long after your holiday is over. Private islands, incredible safaris, luxury city breaks, and chartered yachts are all at the fingertips of Fuse Concierge’s lifestyle managers who can make your dream trip a reality. Whatever your idea of relaxation is, we can inspire… Read more »

Fuse Events Calendar 2019

Vanity Fair’s Oscars party, Paris Fashion Week, the FA Cup final – where will 2019 see you spending your free time? Sport, art, film, music, fashion and more are all on our radar for the coming months and our contacts can make sure that you don’t miss out, even for sold-out events. Here’s our pick… Read more »

Make 2019 A Year of Wellbeing

What are your goals for 2019 – are you hoping to grow your business, maximise your investments, or throw yourself into a personal project close to your heart? January is an exciting time looking forward to the year ahead, but to feel really invigorated, first you need to take care of your mind and body.… Read more »

A Luxurious Christmas

  Does your perfect Christmas conjure up images of swishing through the snow at an Exclusive Ski Resort, leaving the grey days behind for some winter sun, or treating your loved ones to the perfect present, with all of the little details taken care of? Whatever you’re dreaming of this festive season, Fuse Concierge can… Read more »

Living Life On Demand

Being a high net worth individual involves being committed to an infinite amount of people and things. It is highly likely that you have wide and varied interests which you would love to give your full time and attention to. But time, unfortunately, is something that can’t be paused, hard to control and it gets… Read more »

Private Islands

Planning A Luxury Holiday: How About a Private Island? A radiant blue blanket extending into the horizon- gently bubbling, undisturbed, even as the sun sends hasty streaks across its surface. Seated in the sheer abundance of flawless white sand, you take in the sights, even as the natural scent of the beach intoxicates you. This… Read more »

Unmissable Events in 2018

Luxury Watches, Cars, Properties, and a Branded Wardrobe are Symbols Synonymous with Prestige and a Luxury Life. However, it’s much more than that. Luxury is a way of Life, and the best way to further enhance your Luxury Lifestyle is at Luxury Events. 2018 began in a Grand style with Events that have undoubtedly marked… Read more »